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Bryce’s Gotham City First Birthday Party

For Bryce’s dohl, I wanted to do a cooler, edgier theme. He’s so different from his big sister. He’s a strong, tough baby with a husky voice… basically a little manchild! I instantly knew I wanted to take on a superhero theme for Bryce, but I didn’t want to go for the typical comic book feel with all those “bam, pow and kazam” blurbs. I was stumped on how to make the party more original. Then one day, a bunch of light bulbs clicked in my head. I decided to 1) simplify the theme by narrowing it down to my favorite superhero, Batman, 2) glam things up by going with a black and gold (instead of a black and yellow) theme and 3) focus on the man behind Batman (Bruce Bryce Wayne) instead of Batman himself. In the end, I tried to stage the party as billionaire Bryce Wayne’s Gotham City First Birthday Bash with hints of Batman symbols everywhere.