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This Doljabi Shop Terms of Service was last Updated on August 7 , 2018.
Terms of Service on Doljabi Shop @

The terms outlined below apply to all orders placed on Doljabi Shop @ Etsy.

(Section 1) General Shop Terms of Service. Cost and Refund Policy.
  1. Purchase of listing for Digital File
    1. Unless specified otherwise on the product page, the stated product cost on the product pages of our Etsy listings is for the Digital File only.  By purchasing our product(s) on Etsy, you are paying for the cost of the design, personalization, and customization of that product within the scope of our shop terms in the customization section.  At the conclusion of a standard order, your payment on the order entitles you to receive high-resolution printable JPG file(s).
    2. We deliver the digital files via a method of our choosing between e-mail or a dropbox link.
  2. Start of work on your Project
    1. The work on your project related to your Etsy order begins only after all necessary information and photos have been received and after we’ve begun the design process of your project.
    2. Our communication with you via Etsy messenger or e-mail does not constitute start of work on an order.  Ask us as many pre-sale questions or post-sale, pre-work questions without any hesitation.
    3. However, when the design work commences on your project, your refund policy changes (see below) and the turnaround timer begins.
  3. Option for Additional Print Services
    1. For Dol (First Birthday) Invitation Cards, we also provide additional print services and have it delivered to your door at an additional cost.  Please refer to the section on “Printing and Finishing” for additional related print terms and costs, and refer to the section on turnaround time for additional time required for printing services.
  4. Refund Terms
    1. You are entitled to the full refund on your order if the refund request is made prior to the start of our work on your order.
    2. If the request for refund is made after we’ve started working on your order, but before the final product is delivered, we will diagnose the progress of the order at the time the refund request was made and issue you a refund on a pro-rata basis of work completion.
    3. Due to the nature of our services, we cannot issue you a refund after the first proof of the product has been completed and delivered to you.
  5. Usage of your custom project for demonstration on our Doljabi Etsy Shop
    1. Even though the nature of your custom work may require our usage of additional time and resources, we try to not shift those costs to you, our customers. However, in instances where your custom order results in a creation of a fairly distinguishable or a new product line, and in order to assist in recovery of the additional time and resources used in creating your project, we may at our discretion choose to display your project on our Etsy shop as a product demonstration.  This helps us in avoiding usage of extra time and resources reverting the work back to the version which contained the previous assets for display on our Etsy shop.
    2. The featured projects as a product demonstration may contain photo(s) of your child.
    3. In order to maintain certain degree of privacy of your project, we may use a fake/stage name on the product demonstration featuring your project.
    4. If you wish to prevent the usage of your project as a product demonstration on our Doljabi Etsy shop, please submit the request to us in writing prior to your order. Please do keep in mind that we may need to bill you additional costs of custom work (or time incurred in reverting project assets back to prior version for product demonstration), depending on our resources used to complete your project. In this event, we will communicate to you prior to begin working on your order an accurate quote of your custom order.
(Section 2) Information Submission
  1. The information required to fulfill each order will vary between products.  Each product page’s description section will outline the required information for that particular product.
  2. Information Type
    Your product may require a combination of the following information outlined below.  For exact requirements, please refer to the product page, and also view the product image(s) to see what type of information are present on the product.

    1. Child’s First Name
    2. High-Resolution Photo(s) (See Section 3: Photo Submission)
    3. Text Color Change Requests
    4. Color Change Requests on graphics & frames (Subject to approval prior to order being placed)
    5. Custom Doljabi Explanation Paragraph(s) – If desired
    6. Six (6) to Eight (8) Doljabi Items & Career/Description Label in this format (e.g. Stethoscope – Doctor)

    For Invitations Only:

    1. Date & Time of the Party
    2. Location of the Party
    3. RSVP Information
    4. If electing Print Service:
      1. Quantity of Cards
      2. Cardstock Print Finish (Standard, Glossy, Pearl)
  3. How to submit Information
    1. Via “Project Details Submission” on (Required)
    2. Etsy’s Messaging System
    3. Via e-mail to
(Section 3) Photo Submission
  1. Photo Quality Standard
    1. It is absolutely crucial that the quality of photos sent to us for the projects meet the standards we set forth as it is directly correlated to the quality of the project’s finish.  Your child and his/her first birthday is precious, and so should the effort of taking and choosing the right photos for the projects.
  2. Quality Standards Criteria
    Each photo submitted must generally meet the following criteria:

    1. High-Quality Photo taken with a DSLR, digital Camera, Smartphone or an iPhone.
    2. Overall photo and especially the subject (child) must be under sharp focus (not blurry).
    3. Overall photo and the subject must be under good lighting (not in dark-lit room).
    4. The subject (child’s face and body) should not be behind any object.
    5. Shadows should not be cast over the subject child’s face and body.
    6. The photo is uncompressed and not resized smaller.  It must ideally be the original file.  In most circumstances, each original photos must be at the very least be greater than 1 to 2 Megabytes (MB) in file size.
    7. Make sure you’re absolutely satisfied by the quality and the composition of the photo.  If you’re not sure of the photo yourself, there’s nothing we can do to improve that.

    It is important that all of the photos submitted to us meet ALL of the criteria set forth above to avoid additional revisions that may incur additional charges.

  3. How to Submit Photos
    You may submit your photos via one of three methods shown below:

    1. Via “Project Details Submission” on (Required)
    2. Etsy’s Messaging System (Please note you may only attach 3 photos at a time)
    3. Via e-mail to
(Section 4) Turnaround Time
  1. Each product’s turnaround time begins from the point all necessary information and photos have been received.
  2. The average Total turnaround times shown below are based on initial proof plus one set of revisions.  Additional revisions may take longer. *
 Product TypeTurnaround Time (Business Days)
(1)Raffle Tickets (Digital File)2-3 Days
(2)Doljabi Container Tags (Digital File)2-3 Days
(3)Invitation Cards - Non-Character (Digital File)3-4 Days
(4)Standard Doljabi Board (No Personalized Characters)3-4 Days
(5)Invitation Cards - Personalized Characters (Digital File)5-7 Days
(6)Personalized Characters Doljabi Board5-7 Days
(7)Invitation Cards (Printed & Delivered) **Additional 2-8 Days (Standard Ground)
Additional 1-3 Days (Expedited)
(8)Custom OrderMay Require 1-2 weeks depending on the degree of customization.

* Turnaround time can be delayed due to unforseen and/or uncontrollable circumstances but we will make our best efforts to communicate that to you prior to the order.
** Invitation Printed & Delivered options is available to the 48 Contiguous US States only.

(Section 5) Customizations, Proofs & Revisions
  1. As part of providing your first initial proof, we accommodate minor customization/alteration requests to the original template as part of the included customization without any extra charges.
  2. After your review of the initial proof, we provide a reasonable amount of minor revisions without any extra charges, as our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.  The basis for reasonable amount is determined by what’s considered to be fair by normal standards and is also based upon your conscientious effort to provide accurate details during all previous communications.  However, please do note that each revision takes time to fix and prepare.  Therefore, it is important that you provide accurate, detailed information right from the beginning.  We understand that certain details such as venue address, date and time of party can always change.  We will absolutely accommodate those changes without any issues!
  3. Minor Customizations to Template & Minor Revisions

    1. Color Changes to texts and minor graphics
    2. Text Changes
    3. Placements of certain texts and minor graphics
    4. Font Styles
    5. Certain Photo Changes (Without altering template)
    6. Small Additions to the template that are attainable without making large alterations to the templates. These additions must use open spaces within the pre-existing templates.

    If the revisions you need are outside of the scope of the minor revisions shown above, please communicate those concerns to us prior to placing the order. Depending on the type of revision and its specific circumstances, we may or may not be able to accommodate your customization/revision request on your order.

    Please however do keep in mind that non-minor revisions are likely to come with additional charges (created via Etsy’s custom order) which we will communicate to you prior to initiation of your project.

  4. Non-minor Customizations to Template & Non-minor Revisions
    Include but are not limited to:

    1. Items that are not shown on the photos or description on the product pages which may force large alterations to the template with its inclusion.
    2. Additional placement of photos on the project which may create large alterations to the template.
    3. Other template changes.
    4. Change of faces for the Personalized Characters Doljabi Boards.  See more on section below 5)[e]
  5. Customization of Personalized Characters Projects and Revisions.
    1. We may or may not have a character/caricature template of your need at the time of the order.  Please inquire beforehand on whether we can accommodate certain set of personalized characters.
    2. If we’re unable to accommodate certain characters, the nature of the reason is primarily due to our inability to obtain a commercial extended license for certain vector images which allow us to sell those artworks as part of our design.  If you absolutely need certain character, please refer to the section below on “Use of Vector Images under Extended Licensing”
    3. Unless you’ve explicitly stated during your order in the order comments section or during Information submission at, we reserve the right to match your child’s face to a character/caricature at our discretion.  We select the photo(s) to be used from the pool of all photos received from you up until the point of commencing of the project.
    4. We select the photo by which we deem to be the best match for a particular character at the time. (For example, crying face photo for a rock star singer)
    5. Despite our best efforts and intention, you may not ultimately be satisfied by the match, as we understand that each person’s personalities are different.  Therefore, you are entitled to one free character revision per order, for any reason. 
    6. Each additional revision thereafter will be an additional $5.00 per character revision, which will be billed to you via as a custom order prior to working on the additional revision(s).  The work for additional revision(s) will only begin after the additional payments have been made.
    7. To avoid any problems during the production of your order, please choose your photos carefully and be proactive in assigning certain photos to specific characters prior to submitting them to us.
  6. Use of vector images under Extended Licensing
    1. If the customer absolutely needs a certain work requiring the purchase of an extended license of a vector image, and he/she consents to the payment and the purchase of the license , we would be able to accommodate the usage of virtually any artwork or any personalized character.  However, each extended license can cost anywhere between $25 – $100, and that cost will be charged to the customer.
    2. The customer that consents to the payment for an extended license to a vector image will be reimbursed in increments ($10 per sale) for each additional sale we make with the usage of that licensed vector image until the customer’s cost of purchasing the extended license is fully recovered.
  7. Custom Orders and customization of existing products
    1. Definition: Custom Order – The creation of new custom templates not existing in our product listing at the time of the order.
    2. Custom Orders may:
      1. Have different pricing structure than specified for other similar product of the same category.  A good faith estimate of the cost of your project will be communicated to you prior to the start of our work on your order.
      2. Follow a separate turnaround timeline than specified for other similar products of the same category.  A good faith estimate of turnaround time will be communicated to you prior to starting on your project.
    3. Additional custom requests which have not been communicated to us prior to the order may arise during our work on your project.  Please communicate those concerns to us immediately and we will let you know whether these additional requests can be accommodated, and how much it would cost in addition to the initial order.
    4. Custom Order Conflict with another Designer’s product.
      1. We do not perform custom template work which ends up resembling another person or another shop’s work on Etsy.  Due to the amount of time and effort involved with creating new templates, we need to be able to post the product to Etsy for additional public sales. However, when that product may resemble another designer’s product, we would not be able to list the product.
      2. By not being able to re-list for additional sales, the cost should be incurred by the time spent on custom work on an hourly basis leading to an exclusivity license, where we would not be able to sell that product to anyone else.
    5. Interference with usage of others’ intellectual properties.
      1. We DO NOT accommodate in the Custom Order any requests for, the usage of a licensed, copyrighted, and/or trademarked characters and designs including, but not limited to, Disney, Warner Bros., Nintendo, Star Wars, Dr. Seuss, etc.
      2. We DO NOT accommodate any requests for the usage of any logo depicting a brand, trademark, or a company.  We can however, use a generic capitalized letter as an alternate logo placement.
    6. As much as we’ve love to accommodate all of our customers’ requests, each non-minor customization comes with use of additional resources on our part which may conflict with your initial understanding of what you’re purchasing.
    7. We want all of the terms of our sale to be very clear to our customers, therefore we try to avoid a high degree of customization without your full understanding of the costs it may entail.

    Thank you.  We appreciate your understanding.

(Section 6) Printing and Finishing Instructions
  1. Doljanchi (Korean First Birthday) Party Invitation – Digital File Only
    1. Once we send you the initial proof and you accept the design, we will provide you with instructions on how to download the printable JPG file at 300ppi.
    2. If you have a specific print shop in mind, you must inform us of respective shops print specifications such as bleed size, color space (RGB/CMYK), and other specifications. If no specifications are provided we will prepare the default print specifications as shown on #3 below.
    3. The Printable JPG file at 300ppi will contain .25 in of additional width to allow the card design to extend past the edge of the “trim” or “cut” to allow for even cuts.  This is referred to as the bleed.
      1. The printable files have an additional .125 inch of bleed past the trim line to account for potential uneven cuts.  Safe Line covers an area where print shops guarantee won’t be cut off during the trim process.  The “trim line” will be .125 inches away from the “safe line” on all borders. Depending on the print press you use, the actual trim point can be cut anywhere in between the “safe line” and the edge of the image file (.125 in + .125 in = .25 in edge margin). However, usually the trim lines are somewhere in the middle of that at just .125 in from the edge of the image file.
    4. You may then submit the printable file to an office or online print shop of your choice.
  2. Addition: Invitation Print Services & Delivery
    In addition to the digital file service we provide in creating your invitations, you may choose to have us print and deliver the finished products to you directly.

    1. Quantity of Order
      1. We can only accommodate invitation print order quantities in multiples of 25.
      2. Minimum quantity is 25 per order.
    2. Upgrade Options (See prices for upgrade in table below)
      1. Gloss Coating Cardstock Finish – For a classic glossy shine or,
      2. Pearl Cardstock Finish – Faint Shimmers & Shiny reflections.  Professional looking finish
    3. Cost of Delivery (Shipping)
      1. There is a standard shipping charge of $8.00 per order, which may take additional 2-8 days in printing and transit (usually 2-4 days) to 48 contiguous U.S. States. Please refer to section 4(b)7 for information on shipping turnaround time.
      2. Express shipping option is available at $10.00 per order, which may take additional 1-3 days in printing and transit (usually 1-2 days) to 48 contiguous U.S. States. Please refer to section 4(b)7 for information on shipping turnaround time.
    4. Envelopes
      1. All print orders include standard white or parchment (very thin) envelopes at no extra cost.  If there are no requests made for parchment envelopes, standard white envelopes will be included.
    5. To proceed with ordering print services, please place the order using Print Order Customization.

    4" x 5.5" Card Print

    The table below reflects for the cost to print and does not include the cost of customization & digital file preparation.
    Standard Shipping
    (2-8 Days):
    (Add + $8.00 )
    Expedited Shipping
    (1-3 Days):
    (Add + $10.00 )

    5" x 7" Card Print

    The table below reflects for the cost to print and does not include the cost of customization & digital file preparation.
    Standard Shipping
    (2-8 Days):
    (Add + $8.00 )
    Expedited Shipping
    (1-3 Days):
    (Add + $10.00 )
  3. Doljabi Board
    1. Regular Poster (Framed)
      1. You may print your Doljabi Board as a standard poster from various online print shops, photo stations and frame it accordingly.
    2. Poster Board
      1. You may print your Doljabi Board as a Poster Board (around 3mm in thickness) from
      2. Most Walgreens locations provide same day pick-up option.
      3. Walgreens often provide a 25%-40% discount code on photo gift/project items.
      4. We recommend when ordering print online for pickup, set option to pay at store once you are able to inspect the item.
    3. Gator Board
      1. These finishes are sturdier, has a more professional looking finish, but comes at a higher price tag.
      2. A quick google search will allow you to get a good sense of what gator boards look like.
  4. Doljabi Raffle Tickets
    1. Each 4″x6″ print contains 2 raffle tickets. You would need to use a paper cutter or trimmer to split the tickets. They sell for around $15-$30 on Amazon.
    2. Each Raffle Ticket has a subtle perforation line which you can use a rotary perforator. These sell for around between $5-$10 on Amazon.
    3. Each Raffle Ticket has a top and a bottom part to be split at the perforated line (see above #2).
    4. Prior to handing out raffle ticket to your guests, please use a fine point permanent marker to hand-write raffle ticket numbers starting from 1 to however many number of guests you plan to print tickets for.
    5. Make sure each ticket’s top and bottom stub contain the same numbers.
  5. Doljabi Container Tags
    1. Up to 8 Doljabi Container Tags are created for you in a single digital file.
    2. Please let us know which print store you intend to print from, and we will accommodate file sizes to fit your needs.
    3. Send the digital file to a local photo/pharmacy, or office print store using their website uploader.
    4. If you choose to use a photo/pharmacy such as CVS, Walgreens, etc. to print:
      1. Print as a 8″ x 10″ photo.
      2. Confirm Crop on their website’s print previewer.
    5. (Recommended) If you choose to use an office store such as Staples, Fedex Kinkos, etc. to print:
      1. Their specifications may not accommodate photo size of 8″ x 10″.  Instead, you would need a 8.5″ x 11″ Letter Size Print.
      2. Rather than a standard print paper, we suggest printing on a 110lb. Cardstock paper.
      3. For Staples, the image may show as enlarged.  On the media section, select a checkbox that scales the image up/down to fit the paper.
    6. Once you pickup your print, cut each Doljabi Container Tags along its perforation lines, or its edges carefully with a scissor.
    7. Lightly Attach to your containers, or cups using scotch tapes, or velcro attachments.
(Section 7) Discounts and Promotions
  1. Promotional Discount
    1. On occasion, we may post to our facebook page a periodic discount code.
    2. If you share with us photos of your child’s first birthday featuring our work, and the party submission is approved for listing on, we will send you a promotional $10 discount for use on your next order.