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Thank you for your interest in our product via Etsy Shop.  We will continue to try our best to serve your needs and requirements.

Please take a moment to fill out this form so that we may have all necessary information available to us in order to fulfill your order.


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Photo Uploads & Additional Comments

In order to avoid delays in completing your project, please attach photos with each photo meeting the following criteria:

Each photo must...

  1. Be high-resolution, original sized photo. (not resized and/or compressed)
  2. Be under good lighting. (Preferably natural light, outdoors)
  3. NOT have shadow cast on any part of face. (from hat, or other items)
  4. NOT have food covering the face. (Babies are super cute with food on face, BUT not for this project)
  5. NOT have part of child's head cut off in the photo.
  6. NOT have child in photo either be blurry and/or shaky.
  7. Child filling up majority of the photo. (Photo of child not taken from afar)
  8. If possible, have various facial expressions to fit certain characters/professions better.

If after multiple attempts, we struggle to obtain enough photos meeting the criteria above, we may unfortunately decline your project and refund your Etsy order.

If you understand the photo submission requirements above, thank you! and..

Happy Uploading!

You may upload photos in the following extensions:  jpg, jpeg, png (File Size Limit 10MB Per)

Maximum 20 files upload.


Please only click the Submit Button "ONCE".  It may take up to 1 minute depending on your internet's upload speed and the amount of photos you've submitted.

Thank you for your patience!

Once you agree to our Doljabi Shop Terms of Service at the very top, the button to submit this form will appear.

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