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August, 2015


Somerset, NJ


Gotham City, Batman / Black & Gold, Glam

For Bryce’s dohl, I wanted to do a cooler, edgier theme. He’s so different from his big sister. He’s a strong, tough baby with a husky voice… basically a little manchild! I instantly knew I wanted to take on a superhero theme for Bryce, but I didn’t want to go for the typical comic book feel with all those “bam, pow and kazam” blurbs. I was stumped on how to make the party more original. Then one day, a bunch of light bulbs clicked in my head. I decided to 1) simplify the theme by narrowing it down to my favorite superhero, Batman, 2) glam things up by going with a black and gold (instead of a black and yellow) theme and 3) focus on the man behind Batman (Bruce Bryce Wayne) instead of Batman himself. In the end, I tried to stage the party as billionaire Bryce Wayne’s Gotham City First Birthday Bash with hints of Batman symbols everywhere.

For complete details, more photos from the party and the story of Bryce's awesome First Birthday Party, read the full blog post on BellaUmma.com

Party's Vendors
Party's Vendors


Event Planner

Event Planner

Rice Cake (Dduk)

Rice Cake (Dduk)

Balloon Decorations

Balloon Decorations

View Original Source of Photos: http://bellaumma.com/?p=204


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