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Choosing the Right Photographer for your Baby’s Doljanchi

Choosing The Right Photographer For Your Baby’s Doljanchi
Post Series: Planning a Korean 1st Birthday (Doljanchi)

Choosing your photographer is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll have to make throughout your planning.  Photographers are tasked with creating visually appealing, stunning art that will, in many cases, be the only memory your family will have of the event in the years to come.  It is truly a highly pressured responsibility, and photographers deserve a ton of credit.

This is one area where it would be wise to choose quality over pricing.  It is in no way a suggestion to go out and look for the most expensive photographer, but if you immediately fall in love with a photographer’s portfolio, try to let the cost be a secondary factor.

Don’t shy away from asking questions and offering some of your suggestions, as the best professionals love to incorporate their clients’ unique personality with their own artistic nature.  You want a healthy relationship with a photographer who knows how to make you smile and make your family feel comfortable.

Many photographers are great at what they do, but their styles of composition and approaches to photo sessions may differ, and you may relate to one style of photography better than the other.  Get a good idea of your photographer’s style by reviewing their portfolios on their webpages.


Photo Credit: Baby President

A month or so in advance of the Doljanchi, another thing to consider is whether or not you would like to have a dohl (dol) studio session for your child.  These photos can serve as great visual items to be placed on a side table or made into a big banner as a greeter for your sign-in area.  Some photography studios specialize in baby packages and have props you can use during the session.  If interested, ask your photographer if they provide videography and/or a slide-show as an add-on service.

Many families even ask their amateur photographer friends for an outdoor photography session.  Chances are you or your spouse would have a friend who is a photography hobbyist/enthusiast, and perhaps they’d be glad and even honored to take few hours out for your family.

Regardless of who the photographer is, it is imperative that you are fully comfortable with his or her style and that you love their collection of portfolio work.

Another important consideration is to make sure your little one is well rested prior to the photo sessions, and don’t forget to have plenty of snacks handy for your baby model.

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