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Introduction: Your Guide to planning a Korean 1st Birthday Party (Doljanchi)

Introduction: Your Guide To Planning A Korean 1st Birthday Party (Doljanchi)
Post Series: Planning a Korean 1st Birthday (Doljanchi)

Whether you decide to host an intimate Dohl gathering at your home or small venue, or go all out at a rented hall or restaurant, a checklist should be in place to help guide your plans along the way. All types of event planning require a process of managing a project, and a Korean 1st Birthday party (or Doljanchi) is no exception. A theme or color scheme must be chosen. Invitations need to be sent out or spread by word of mouth. Favors need to be made or ordered. Decorations ought to be thought out. Photographs require special attention. And most importantly – the items should be chosen for the traditional Doljabi event.

Below, I will periodically update a series of posts to highlight some important aspects for you to consider when organizing the most precious first birthday celebration for your little one.

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