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Choosing a Theme for your Child’s Korean First Birthday Party

Choosing A Theme For Your Child’s Korean First Birthday Party
Post Series: Planning a Korean 1st Birthday (Doljanchi)

The sky really is the limit when it comes to choosing a theme.  The Traditional Korean Theme is widely used to preserve the essence of the original tradition.  But in the age of social media where one’s breadth of creativity is showcased all over the internet, more and more parents are willing to venture away from the Traditional setup and go with a more unique and modern approach.

Some specific themes are chosen because they convey a special meaning to the family and child, while others are chosen just simply out of color preference.  Sticking with two or three primary colors will help everything look coordinated.  If you’re looking for color combination ideas that blend well together, take a look at color palette websites such as  You can get a good sense of which color sets you’re attracted to and plan around those color combinations.

The concept or theme of the party is just the starting point to planning the rest of your party.  All other aspects of your planning ties into this specific theme you have selected.  Now this is where the fun starts.  Balloons, flowers, banners, dohl (or dol) towers, centerpieces, and anything of sentimental value to your child’s milestones (baby’s first pair of shoes, baby album or calendar) can also be tied into your theme to enhance visual effects.

Below are some examples of awesome themes and concepts.


Traditional Theme
Traditional Theme (Jeffrey Cho Photography)
Photo Credit: Jeffery Cho Photography. View Contents of Russell’s Traditional Themed Party here.


Carnival Theme
Photo Credit: Jane Sha Photography. View Contents of Lena’s Vintage Carnival Themed Party here.


Let’s Go Fly a Kite Theme
Photo Credit: Beautiful Harvest Photography. View Contents of Zacheus’ Let’s Go Fly a Kite Themed Party here.


Gotham City Theme
Photo Credit: DEKI Photography. View Contents of Bryce’s Gotham City Themed Party here.


Garden Theme
Photo Credit: Charles Jeesung Choe. View Contents of Sydney’s Garden Themed Party here.

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Hira Usman
Hira Usman
4 years ago

Hi i want birthday for my baby on 4 jan and i want a cocomelan theme can you please help me

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